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Buy Facebook Negative Reviews

If you want your business to be recognized on social media, buying Facebook positive reviews is as urgent as buying Facebook negative reviews. It is an essential issue for a company to succeed. You must purchase negative reviews to get your site to the right destination. Buy Facebook Negative Reviews

Why Buy Facebook Negative Reviews?

For preliminary consideration, buying Facebook negative reviews may seem pointless to you. However, it is not unnecessary. For some specific reasons, you should purchase negative reviews. Suppose you have a Facebook page. And many followers on your page like your page because your service is so excellent.

Even if your service is outstanding, will your post-rating reviews also add positive comments and a five-star rating? Your answer must be no. However, there is nothing to be upset about because there will be some critics who compare your service to other services because they love to do it. No matter how well you serve them, they will criticize you. It’s tough to control them. Now, if you expect a five-rating rating from them, the sky moon is nothing but hands-on.

If you notice that, a popular site like the “Bright site” has terrible reviews. 85% have good and 15% have bad reviews on that site. So you have to understand that a 100% positive response is never possible.

Besides, there is a thing called balance. If your page has only good reviews, then nobody will trust your page. So it is essential to have a lot of good reviews as well as some bad reviews. So we suggest you buy a positive rating as well as buy a negative score, so your page will be trusted.


What should be the ratio to keep the balance, right?

Recently, Facebook asked to delete Facebook pages where there is no adjustment. That is, where there are only good reviews, there are no bad reviews. Because as we said earlier, only pages with good reviews are questionable. There should be a combination of good and bad reviews. We recommend you consider a good review minimum of 75%. Be careful not to lower 75% and 95% to higher. Because less than 75% of your service is terrible and over 95% can consider a fake page. In the business world, the ratio is between 85% to 15% or 95% to 5%.


What are the types of Facebook negative reviews?

There are two types of Facebook negative reviews. One is the constructive type, and the other is prohibiting negative type review. A suitable type of negative review includes criticism about services and products. For example, if someone buys a product, it will be negatively reviewed if the product is not what he imagined. In this case, he would not write bad aspects of the product. He meant that I thought about the product, but it did not.

The prohibiting type review, on the other hand, is terrific. In this case, the buyer reports that no one will buy this product; the product is much worse; the product I used didn’t get any good results, etc.

In this case, it is better to purchase constructive type negative reviews. Otherwise buying prohibiting negative type reviews will make your business will destroy.

Facebook Negative Reviews

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